Grow bags are an environmentally friendly, plant starter medium.  The bags are completely bio degradable, UV treated and high density. They can be printed in accordance with customer requirements. This is a comparable alternative product for Rockwool Grow Cube.

Home gardeners, commercial growers and greenhouses can all benefit from using Grow Bags to propagate seedlings and plants. They are ideal for hydroponic techniques, too. They can be used in conjunction with drip irrigation systems. Compressed coco peat is packed in high density, UV-treated poly bags that can be printed per the customer’s specifications. Size, packaging and quality components can be custom made to the customer’s requirements, too.

  • Suitable for vegetable, flower and fruit crop cultivation

  • Most preferable air/water ratio for crops

  • Quick and well grown root system

  • Strong healthy plant and maximum yield

  • Prolong stability in structure during the use