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Coirex Premium Cocomix 50L Bag (Un-compressed)

Being 100% natural plant medium, COIREX PREMIUM COCOMIX is more preferable to gardeners than most substrates in use. It is manufactured from Coir dust processed from coconuts. Since the production is subject to strict quality control, the quality of the product is uncompromising.

Being an organic product that is lacking any chemical or artificial additives and COIREX PREMIUM COCOMIX is free from soil diseases or harmful pests. Coir dust operates on a great air/water system, which sustains growth of different plants. Coco peat meets all the horticultural standards provided. The product is quite distinctive from other coconut substrates because of the raw materials present.




COIREX PREMIUM COCOMIX is a substrate for herbaceous, flowering, vegetables and fruit bearing plants.