Coco Peat provides numerous benefits that make using this growing medium a smart choice.


Coco Peat is  capable of holding 8-9 times as much as its weight in water giving it excellent water retention capacity.

The properties found inherently in Coco Peat resist the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria

Coco Peat growing mediums and mixes can be reused for up to 4 years

Essential nutrients can be stored and released over extensive periods of time

Coco Peat promotes enhanced oxygenation which leads to strong roots and healthier plants

Coco Peat is lightweight making it easy to handle and carry

Coco Peat has a very slow rate of disintegration and does not begin to decompose until it is ten years old

Coco Peat makes an excellent environment for use in worm bins and may increase worm     growth up to 25%

Coco Peat is an efficient medium whether it is used as a stand-alone product or mixed with other traditional ingredients

Coco Peat naturally improves crop yields

Coco Peat is 100% organic and eco-friendly

Coco Peat’s remarkable water retention and drainage capabilities ensure adequate irrigation and saves precious water resources

Coco Peat’s 100% natural composition makes it safe to dispose of and causes no environmental damage