Coirex is a leading supplier of coir fibre and coco peat products. We have partnered with only the best manufacturers in Sri Lanka to ensure the highest quality. Even the process we use to select partners has stringent guidelines. Our commitment to the highest quality standards sets us apart from the rest.


  Why Coirex Products?

Our products are 100% organic and made from the coconut. All products are carefully screened during manufacture so that we can certify they are 100% free from weeds and other contaminants. As a result of our careful adherence to strict quality guidelines, our products provide the highest quality, promote strong root growth and have a higher water retention property than other similar products.

  Among our services we guarantee

We offer several guaranteed services designed to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase of Coirex products. For example, we offer assistance in choosing the right Coirex product for your application. We offer innovative approaches to customer that applications that assure our customers that they are getting the best possible products.

In addition, we offer a high level of flexibility and commitment to our customers both before and after the sale. In this way, you can be sure we stand behind our products and will work to make sure they are right for you.